Monday, December 3, 2007

The Secret Ingredients that Will Cause People to Give You Money and Make You Rich

These Secret Ingredients Will Cause People to Give You Money and Make You Rich:

1. Give something of value to the world. You want more of the material treasures of life, but are you willing to give something of value in return for them? In checking the lives of over ten thousand famous and rich men and women, I found that the value they received in money, recognition, fame, or power, was directly in proportion to what they gave the world.

Mental energy, time, service, personality, gifts, and creative talents, are all convertible into gold or other things of value. I discovered that the people who give things to the world that help the greatest number attract money easier then those who create for a small group.

The scientists, inventors, and creative minds, such as writers, dramatists, actors, and producers, seem to make the biggest fortunes, because they are bringing products, comforts, luxuries, entertainment and value to millions of people. Find what it is the world needs, and then set to work producing it for the greatest good of the greatest number of people and your fortune is assured.

2. Put integrity and quality into your services or products. The hidden ingredient used by many people is integrity and quality. This applies to whether you make bread of manufacture automobiles. If you want the world to proclaim you, give people these secret ingredients and they will make you rich.

But this also applies to other values than monetary ones; what makes a good friend? Someone you can depend on; his honesty and integrity, his character, stamp him and his actions. This ingredient can be used for winning love and holding it also. In fact, it applies to every creative act of your life.

3. Think of new things to improve and change people‘s lives, and they will make you rich. It was the newness of products like nylon, plastics, wire and tape recording, TV projection, transistor batteries, frozen foods, canning foods, and all the other modern discoveries and inventions, that made them so great. Look about you, in your own work or home, and see how you could improve or change the things about you, and make it easier for people to live, or to enjoy life more. The world will reward you with recognition and money.

4. Work to add to the comfort of people, to raise their standards of living, or to improve themselves, and you will win the support and recognition of others also. People are all anxious to raise their standards of life, and if you can think of some service, or some product to help people in being more comfortable, or having higher standards of living, your fortune is made.

5. If you can add to the world‘s knowledge or show people how they can use their knowledge to best advantage, people will respond to you and give you money. One of the greatest advances in modern knowledge was in the formation of home correspondence courses and this has led to a complete revolution in the fields of education. Now, at home, one may complete his high school education, take a course in mechanics, electronics, hotel management, and almost any other subject. Millions of people enroll in such courses, and million of dollars are spent for books and courses in these fields.

6. If you can show people how to be healthy and eat right, you have another sure means to a fortune. Gaylord Hauser has made a million through lecturing and writing books on these subjects. Elizabeth Arden has built a multi-million dollar business a year, catering to women who want to lose weight and be healthy and efficient. Then there are those who help inspire and uplift people and who cater to a deep-seated need for soul-inspiration, peace of mind and peace of soul. Such workers are humanitarian, and their efforts deserve support and recognition.

One of the best known in such inspirational work is Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, whose books and inspired radio and TV appearances have helped millions. Another, who has made a great name for himself in New York, and whose books are nationally distributed is Dr. Raymond Barker, who lectures at Town Hall in New York, as has overflow audiences every Sunday morning. In the new Philharmonic Hall of Lincoln Center in New York is Dr. Ervin Seale, who inspires those who hear him with his programs on right living, right thinking and spiritual philosophy. Both of these men may be heard on radio in New York City, where they speak to thousands weekly.

7. If you can build people‘s egos and make them feel a sense of self-importance, you will win a fortune. Dale Carnegie wrote a famous book entitled How to Win Friends & Influence People and founded an institution on public speaking and self-improvement that is still making a fortune long after his death.
Josephine Dillon, who trained Clark Gable and who discovered and made Ely Culbertson famous, was such a dynamic, inspired woman. She was able to make people project their talents to the world through her technique of training. Lee Strasberg, the noted drama coach, who is responsible for over fifty of our greatest Broadway stage and movie successes, is another such person who has a knack for bringing out the ego in another person. When the late Marilyn Monroe‘s will was read, it was found she left half a million dollars to this great teacher for helping and inspiring her.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How Your Name Changes Your Life

People unconsciously make life choices that resemble their names or initials, according to research on the "name-letter effect."

Your name made you do it, albeit unconsciously, suggests new research that finds your name can negatively undermine your goals.

Psychologists in marketing at Yale and the University of California, San Diego studying the unconscious influence of names say a preference for our own names and initials — the "name-letter effect" — can have some negative consequences.

Students whose names begin with C or D get lower grades than those whose names begin with A or B; major league baseball players whose first or last names began with K (the strikeout-signifying letter) are significantly more likely to strike out, according to the report published in the December issue of Psychological Science.

"We found that our own-name liking sabotages success for people whose initials match negative performance labels," the report says.

Assistant professors Leif Nelson of UCSD and Joseph Simmons of Yale conducted five studies over five years (including one lab experiment) using information from thousands of individuals: 6,398 baseball players (377 had K as either a first or last initial); 15,000 MBA students; 294 undergraduate students; 170 law schools with more than 390,000 lawyers; and 284 participants in their laboratory experiment.

"The conscious process is baseball players want to get a hit and students want to get A's," Nelson says. "So if you get a change in performance consistent with the name-letter effect, it clearly shows there must be some unconscious desire operating in the other direction."

The researchers' work supports a series of studies published since 2002 that have found the "name-letter effect" causes people to make life choices based on names that resemble their own. Those studies by Brett Pelham, an associate professor of psychology at SUNY University at Buffalo, have found that people are disproportionately likely to live in states or cities resembling their names, have careers that resemble their names and even marry those whose surnames begin with the same letter as their own.

"If this is an unconscious preference, it suggests we don't really have free will about certain important decisions," Pelham says. "We don't really make those decisions for the reasons we thought we did."

The twist, Pelham says, is that he has believed the name-letter effect would apply only to positive outcomes. Nelson and Simmons, he says, are "showing it applies more so to negative things than positive things."

In the first study of baseball players, Nelson and Simmons pored over 93 years of statistics for players who had at least 100 plate appearances. The second study looked at 15 years of grades for MBA students, but they did not use F because not all schools use that designation.

The study did find that those with initials of A or B don't perform any better, though. Another study of law school admissions found lesser-rated schools had a smaller proportion of lawyers with name initials A and B. The lab experiment used an anagram test that confirmed the previous studies.

The researchers say the effect is definitely more than coincidence but is small nevertheless.

"I know plenty of Chrises and Davids who have done very well in school," Simmons says.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The $435 Mind Control Device

When I received five e-mails to check out the MC Square—a hand held device that's said to relieve stress, improve memory, and enhance concentration through light and sound—I knew I couldn't pass the opportunity up. (My memory is horrible!) Plus, 1.5 million units have already been sold in Korea, so it's gotta be legit, right? And for the first time starting today, it's available in the U.S.

Dragging assistant editor Corinne Iozzio with me to the W Hotel in Times Square, we were presented with a device that looked like a sleek MP3 player connected to earbuds and goggles.

Developed by Daeyang E&C, the MC Square features six program modes with natural sounds like rain drops to soothe and relax your mind. With everyone in the stuffy room watching us, we both put the ear buds and goggles on. We turned on the player and began to see red lights flashing at our eyes.

We were told to close our eyes and listen to the sounds of the ocean in the background. The combination of light and sound, an audio-visual stimulation (AVS), is known to cause "significant changes in EEG patterns and cerebral synchronization." But why the flashing red LEDs? They're "bright, inexpensive, and blood vessels in the eyelids pass red/orange light most efficiently."

Korean students found that after regularly using the MC Square for 15 minutes a day it improved their study skills. One such student said that he was able to memorize vocabulary words in just 10 minutes after using the device, as opposed to more than half an hour. That's a significant difference!

The MC Square isn't just a stress-reducing device. It's also an MP3 player with 512MB of on board flash memory and a mini SD card, as well as a digital voice recorder (30-hour capacity) and image and text viewer with a color OLED screen. The player is very portable, too, at just 0.6-inches thick.

We're expecting to get a unit in-house, because we just have to see for ourselves if this wacky device works.

To purchase the MC Square with earbuds and goggles, it sells for $435.89 at

Monday, November 19, 2007

Bill Bartmann - From Rags to Riches

Bill Bartmann - An Inspirational Story

Bill Bartmann is the ultimate underdog and overachiever

At the age of 14, Bill Bartmann was homeless, a high-school drop-out and a member of a street gang. What’s the key lesson Bill Bartmann learned while he was living on the streets?

He learned to read people really well, which is a great skill that he took into the business world. Bill Bartmann continued to drift until he was 17 but one very important moment changed everything.

What happened? Watch the interview with Bill Bartmann to find out:

Not only did Bill Bartmann turn himself around, he became one of the leading authorities on entrepreneurship in America. Here are a couple of the achievements and awards that Bill Bartmann has been recognized for:

* Bill Bartmann was named as “One of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs of the Last 100 Years” by the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

* Bill Bartmann was awarded the American Academy of Achievement’s “Golden Plate Award for one of the 20th Century’s Most Extraordinary Achievers” - an award previously bestowed upon five U.S. Presidents and three Nobel Prize winners.

Bill Bartmann was not only recognized as one of the leading entrepreneurs, he also started some of the most women and family friendly businesses in the world. In fact, the Working Woman Magazine recognized Bill Bartmann as “One of the Top 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers”.

Learn more about Bill Bartmann

Here is the second part of the inspirational video on Bill Bartmann where he reveals his secrets to success.

Today, it is Bill’s personal goal to share his secrets of success with aspiring entrepreneurs and to lift the self-belief and confidence of hundreds of thousands of teenagers. Bill Bartmann is truly an inspiration.