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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Love and Sex and Switchwords

A young man recently asked me if I could recommend any good switchwords for “attracting wonderful women!” and also for high-quality lovemaking. Well, I have certainly used switchwords beneficially on many occasions in this area of my life since first learning the switchwords in 1975, when I was 23. And I can give several suggestions, which of course can be used by either men or women.

Most people seem to assume they cannot just instantly generate love, it has to happen by itself somehow. But though the happen-by-itself emotional kind is very sweet, my experience has been that anyone can generate love at any time in any situation just by intending it so. Using switchwords gives easy access to that.

Generally, of course, I recommend simply silently chanting occasionally the master switchword “TOGETHER“. That’s so profoundly appropriate with a love partner, in all ways. I enthusiastically recommend experimenting with it while doing anything with your lover, including making love. Nothing more is required, basically, in my experience, and it’s so easy, simple, and beneficial. Your mind is probably going to think of something anyway, so you might as well give it something very beneficial and easy to think!

However, if you specifically would like to create an aura and vibration and experience of love with a love partner — or for that matter, with anyone in any situation, not only with a lover — then I suggest silently chanting or occasionally declaring TOGETHER-LOVE or TOGETHER-DIVINE-LOVE.

I have many times in my life used an affirmation I learned from Dr. Catherine Ponder, “I AM A RADIANT CENTER OF DIVINE LOVE” with excellent and reliable results. She recommends that whenever you want to make friends with someone, just silently chant “I AM A RADIANT CENTER OF DIVINE LOVE,” and watch what happens! I’ve many times experienced that that works very well indeed!
Or, that particular affirmation is also excellent for melting anyone who is being hostile or nasty towards you. Dr. Ponder also recommends another more specific powerful and effective affirmation for this type of situation: “LET DIVINE LOVE BE MADE ALIVE IN THEE.” She calls it “shooting them in the back with love!”

By the way, I’ve made it a little practice of mine to occasionally mentally direct that (”LET DIVINE LOVE BE MADE ALIVE IN THEE”) to every “terrorist” on the planet, and I invite anyone else to join me in doing that. In my humble opinion, love is the only real and sustainable solution to terrorism. “War against terrorism,” which is to say “war against war,” occurs to me as a seemingly noble idea which is actually inherently stupid and counterproductive. Gautama Buddha says it best: “Hatred does not cease through hatred at any time. Hatred ceases through love. This is an unalterable law.”

But back to romantic-sexual love: HOLE is the specific switchword for attractiveness.

Certain long combinations of switchwords can also be very useful and enjoyable. However, I think for most people, silently chanting a long switchwords mantra while making love would seem difficult, distracting, and absurd. If you can do it, though, I can promise that your lover will be highly pleased and so will you! ;-)

Another similar shorter switchword combination I recommend which is easier to remember and silently chant, is: TOGETHER-DIVINE-LOVE-HOLE-BLISS.

This is a wonderful mantra to use with a love partner you’re already with. However, if you’re wanting to attract a lover, and you sense that this kind of energy may be appropriate with someone you’ve met, you can try mentally chanting this and see what happens. Of course if you haven’t yet met anyone to try it with, you can always use the switchword REACH (to solve a problem) or even CIRCULATE (to eliminate loneliness)! :-)

By the way, in my experience, using switchwords is never a matter of dominating someone else or attempting to “control” them; you’re just broadcasting a thought vibration and creating a possibility, and anyone else is free to join you in it or not.

You can of course customize and edit these switchwords combinations as you wish; there are over 100 known switchwords to choose from for generating various results and experiences. However, as always, I experience that using just a single word as a creative affirmation, declaration, or mantra is easiest and best. So I again most highly recommend the elegantly simple, all-inclusive, and effective TOGETHER for attracting and being with a lover, as well as for sharing the most optimum life together.

Enjoy! ;-)

Thanks & Peace & Love,
Shunyam Nirav,
Masterworks Unlimited, Inc.

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