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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Using mind power to attract love (Erotic Telepathy)

Telepathic attraction. Who hasn’t felt it at least once? But wait a minute. What is telepathic attraction? A weird sensation that is difficult to put into words, an uncontrollable instinct with no logic. What about erotic telepathy? Maybe somebody is calling you with their mind, but your rational mind is not trained to take in such messages.

So, what is telepathy? When an unknown situation all of a sudden feels all too familiar, when you believe you know what somebody else is thinking, even if that somebody is unknown to you, when you are turned on by someone you have never seen this telepathy? These experiences might be the result of a pleasant, excellent and affectionate love relationship, or the deepening of mental communication between two people who are in contact. The underlying question is: what is the mind?

We cannot possibly deal with the mind without first introducing the functions of the brain.

The brain is made up of two hemispheres linked together, with different functions. The left hemisphere is related to rational and analytical thinking, and is in charge of connecting us with reality, whereas the right hemisphere governs the artistic and intuitive side of us, and connects us with our inner reality. If we understand our brain functions, it is clear that the mind allows us to receive sensations and manifest our inner reality.

The available evidence suggests that we are able to generate mental communication with other people through these different types of energy. This phenomenon is called spontaneous telepathy.

It has been proven that spontaneous telepathic transmission is closely linked with the type of relationship between the two connected subjects. They attract a certain type of “love energy,” which facilitates the reciprocal transmission of thoughts...whether you want it or not...

Marina, 32, says: “I’ve had telepathic communication with my partner many times. We’ve lived together in NYC for about two years, and we’ve had the same feeling three times already. One day I got home with a bottle of champagne I bought for a special romantic dinner I was planning on cooking, as a starter for a special night of love and lust, of course. When I got in the door, there he was standing, saying "I've brought you some chocolate, but what I really meant is for us to have some champagne and make love." You can imagine how surprised I was! Life in this city is so fast and we're usually so tired that we don't feel like doing anything. But that day, without notice, both of us thought of the same at the same time.

Fernando, 28, says: "I experienced telepathy once, but it was a very sad time for me. I was living with my partner, and I got home from work earlier than usual because I missed her and I was looking forward to a romantic and sexy night. She had thought of the same, but not with me: she was with her best friend in bed. I could have died there. resentful, I wanted to join in, go to bed with both of them, but she left me."

So, where is the telepathy here?. Fernando continues: "I think I was very intuitive. deep down, I knew she didn't want me any more and that she was using me. I think I needed to see that with my own eyes."

How can you learn to use your own Sexth Sense?

Aside from spontaneous telepathy between two people who share a bond in common, studies show that there's a variant called "link energy" that basically consists in a play of contact energies between two minds that have no previous acquaintance. The receiving mind can incorporate the information into its subconscious and transform it in several ways (in dreams, symbols, nervous alterations, etc.). This can be the key to deja vous, for instance. The answer can be that this is revealed information, a mental approach (more powerful than the physical) or a mental call transmitted by another mind that is in contact with yours.

The challenge of practicing erotic telepathy

Do you dare to live through an exciting experience of the Sex Sense? If you’re attracted to somebody you’ve seen but never talked to, try this telepathy game. It works! Follow these steps:

1. Place yourself behind the person

2. Focus and fix your eyes on the back of their neck, thinking that you want them to turn around and look at you.

3. When they do, visualize in your mind, as if it were a movie, that this person moves towards you and says hello.

4. Wait for the first movement they make. Give them a friendly smile and a naive, sweet look as you visualize: your aim is to have them come to you.

5. If they don’t, imagine you’re having a drink or a bite with them, something you like very much. To me, it would be having a sparkling drink, or eating chocolate mousse or berry cake. The instinct of pleasure and the telepathic mind work together very well.

6. If you really like and want them, imagine you’re passionately kissing them. LOVE NEVER FAILS.

The response will be immediate. Get ready for a date - your love interest will come to you! In love and sex alike, the most important thing is to be open to the magic. The secret is: you have the power to go beyond everything you think you know, and discover for yourself your true and deep perception of that which we call reality.


Tony said...

Interesting article, and very true. I have been using telepathy in this way for many years. Not only as regards making dates, or closing dates, but in life and business. I have found that it is possible to project feelings, such as the desire to trust. The interesting thing is that
it only seems to work if you visualize and feel the specific emotion yourself. It is hard to cheat, and for me it only works with integrity. I was telling this to a friend over lunch in an Indian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur recently and of course he didnt really believe what I was telling him. So we tried a little experiment. As people were walking up to where we were sitting, I would identify the one I was about to project to, and 8 times out of 10 they looked up, directly towards me... This of course freaked my friend Steve out so much, that I got him to pay for lunch! I have also recently been practicing a form of energy transfer during sex.. and it REALLY works, but that would be telling!

Tony said...

Interesting article, and very true! I have been practicing mental projection for about 20 years now and it really does work. Not only to make dates, or close dates, but also in business and life in general. It is also possible to project feelings like trust, positivity, strength and so forth, but it only works for me if this is done with complete belief and integrity. I was discussing this subject with a friend of mine recently over lunch at an Indian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, of course he didnt believe me. So I suggested we try a little experiment. We were seated above the street level and many people were walking by. I pointed out who I was going to project to, and in 8 out of the 10 times, the people looked up, straight at me. This freaked my friend Steve out so much that I managed to get him to pay for lunch! I have also been practicing a form of energy transfer during sex. This is AMAZING and takes things to a totally different level. But that is my secret, and I shall take it to my grave! ;O)

kelsi said...

It sounds like this "telepathic love energy" is just pheremones at work.. XD