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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Transforming Your Relationship 'Dealbreakers'

How to Instantly Increase the Love in Your Life

Have you ever heard of the term "dealbreaker" when used in relationships? Have you ever read an online personal ad where the person makes a list of things they don't want in a relationship? Has someone you love ever done something or said something that you really didn't like and you thought about leaving the relationship because of that one thing?

Have you ever heard of women who stay in an abusive relationship? What about a man who keeps on going out with the same type of woman who always ends up rejecting him?

Has anyone ever done or said something to you and that is the reason that you broke up or otherwise ended your relationship?

While there are many good reasons to end a relationship and lots of people who do not belong together this article is about something alarming that I have discovered is becoming more and more prevalent in people regarding relationships.

People are putting an intense emphasis on identifying certain qualities of another person which are the criteria for rejecting that relationship. A broad example is the number of people that you are friendly to or smile at each day. There are many you choose to avoid right? Because of certain criteria.

People are looking for reasons not to open up and not to be friendly and especially not to be in love. There is a force in the world that is fear based that is encouraging everyone subliminally to live in fear of each other. This is being accomplished through television and the news and through schools and many other avenues to stop the force of love in the world.

When you find yourself making a list of things you do not want in a relationship or a list of things you do not like with someone you know and thinking about ending it stop and make another list of all the things that you love about them and all the good times you have shared.

When you look at the "bad" list see if you can feel the intense energy that pushes you. When you read the "good" list can you feel there is a different force that feels warm and open and loving?

You can make miracles happen in your own life by separating these two forces and diminishing the bad while intensifying the good to an intensely passionate level of pleasure and happiness.

I hope this article helps you to become aware of the forces pushing you to focus on bad and good in others. There is no good reason why you should break up with someone with whom you have many good things or why you should not be friends or lovers with someone who is imperfect. We all are.

Is it worth losing all the good things you have with someone just because of one little thing?

I would like to help you to make all the bad things small and unimportant in your love life and make the love big and powerful. Love is a better path than fear. Even when you need to end a relationship love will always find a way that is better.

P.S. Love is the greatest force for good in the universe in my opinion. Love can do no wrong. What's wrong with love is nothing at all. My mission is to help lovers enjoy more of the blissful moments they love so much and for people to enjoy more love in all their relationships everyday.

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